Tour Dates

Live dates to support the latest release are not anticipated.

You can peruse the tourography for details on past performances. You can also catch Jeff Garrison on the road with the rock cover band, The Vernacular.

See the band’s web site for details.

02.15.91The GallerySchenectady, NYDetails
04.05.91CCHSAlbany, NYDetails
06.09.91Saratoga WinnersLatham, NYDetails
06.28.91Del LanesDelmar, NYDetails
11.22.91CCHSAlbany, NYDetails
12.22.91Saratoga WinnersLatham, NYDetails
02.09.92Saratoga WinnersLatham, NYDetails
03.29.92Saratoga WinnersLatham, NYDetails
04.26.92Saratoga WinnersLatham, NYDetails
05.15.92CCHSAlbany, NYDetails
05.27.93MaddensLoudenville, NYDetails
06.02.93Charity’sClifton Park, NYDetails
06.17.93Saratoga WinnersLatham, NYDetails
07.18.93Saratoga WinnersLatham, NYDetails
10.24.93Saratoga WinnersLatham, NYDetails
06.04.94Miracle’sLatham, NYDetails
06.11.94Miracle’sLatham, NYDetails
06.25.94Thacher ParkEast Burne, NYDetails
05.26.95Elmo’sLake George, NYDetails
05.27.95Elmo’sLake George, NYDetails
06.02.95Michael’s LoungeWest Sand Lake, NYDetails
06.17.95Brass RingBolton Landing, NYDetails
06.30.95BoardwalkLake George, NYDetails
06.30.95The OverboardsLake George, NYDetails
07.01.95The OverboardsLake George, NYDetails
07.28.95Shepard’s CoveLake George, NYDetails
07.29.95Shepard’s CoveLake George, NYDetails
08.18.95Brass RingBolton Landing, NYDetails
09.15.95Brass RingBolton Landing, NYDetails
10.07.95Brass RingBolton Landing, NYDetails
02.16.96Smoothy’sLoudonville, NYDetails